Everything You've Heard Is True

by - April 27, 2010

"I would compare it to the microwave oven - or the internet."
She's talking about laundry.
"This will definitely change things.  Some people will just keep doing it the old way..."
That's right, laundry.

     You've seen it, right?  The commercial with the blond woman in an orange shirt singing the praises of the next new laundry product.
     Purex 3 in 1.  
It was my friend, not the commercial who first introduced us, inviting me to sleep in her freshly laundered sheets - I LOVE Hotel Wardell!  It was a coupon for $2.50 off that actually convinced me to buy my first package.  $5.97 in WalMart's detergent aisle.  Six bucks.  Twenty loads.  That's thirty cents a load - or eighteen cents after my coupon!  Thirty cents for washing, softening and anti-staticing (which apparently isn't even a word).
     Last night I crawled beneath soft, cool, fresh sheets and as I buried my nose in my pillow, (inhaling what I'm sure was the very scent of heaven) I laughed at myself because I had become that woman in the orange shirt who couldn't stop smelling the towel.  I had become a believer.  Everything I'd heard was true.
     So, let's compare.  My regular detergent is Purex 2X Ultra Concentrate After The Rain Mega Costco 150 loads.  $15.  That's ten cents a load with no softeners or anti-static magical powers.  And I get 1% cash back on every Costco purchase which might be about 45 cents a year - SCORE!
     It's important to me to be frugal.  I love a good deal.  I love to save money.  I love coupons. And now I love Purex 3 in 1.  The question is, will I give another twenty cents to surround myself in it?
     Here is my decision:  I will keep it in supply but I'll treat it like a laundry diet.  Only for bedding and towels.  My regular detergent is completely adequate for our everyday clothes.  Who knows, maybe Costco will start carrying it and I'll make a whole dollar back!
     The bottom line:  Purex 3 in 1 is amazing!  It's brilliant!  I don't know why someone didn't come up with it before.  Find coupons.  Use them.  Turn into a ridiculous commercial mom who can't get her nose out of her linens.  You won't regret it, I promise!

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