"Dat's So Weird!"

by - May 13, 2010

Liam:  Ten we dough visit Michael Dackson?
Mommy:  No, honey, Michael Jackson died.
Liam:  Why?
Mommy:  He got sick.
Liam:  Is dare anudder one?
Mommy:  Another what, Liam?
Liam:  Anudder Michael Dackson?
Mommy:  No, but he was a daddy.  He had three kids.
Liam: Where are dey?
Mommy: At their house.
Liam: Who are dey?
Mommy:  Hmmm...I think one of them is called Prince and one of them is called Blanket.
Liam: What?  O-tay, dat is so weird!  What's da udder one's name?
Mommy: I don't remember.
Liam (finger in the air in an I've Got It moment): I know... I tink it's Pillow!

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