Amy Adams Made Me Do It

by - May 7, 2010

You'll never catch me cooking dinner in pearls.  I rarely wear an apron - though I own a couple of adorable pieces I found at various thrift shops.  I will never attempt to bone a duck and I can't bring myself to boil a live lobster.  He refused to watch the movie deeming it stupid and "I can't believe they would make a movie about that."  I found the trailer appealing (though I kept that to myself to avoid the inevitable eye roll).  Woman is a little lost.  She decides to cook her way through Julia Child's french cook book.  Woman finds herself.  I watched Julie & Julia while he was at work.

First of all, Amy Adams is adorable.  Secondly, her journey through 524 recipes is riddled with culinary wit - yes, adventure does exists within the tiny world of a city apartment.  Thirdly, her daily blog of said culinary venture lands her a book deal.  Yup, I'm sold!

For a few years various people have been pushing me to blog - apparently they think there's something within this dusty head of mine worth spilling into this wonderful world called web.  I made excuses of time.  I made excuses of "I would have nothing to say."  I made excuses of "maybe in some other season of my life."  All lame.

I've discovered that there is value in sharing our stories.  There is interest in what to us is simply life.  There is community built and friendship strengthened.  There is beauty in the simplest triviality.  And there is a deep satisfaction in capturing a moment and hitting that orange [PUBLISH POST] button and waiting with bated breath to see if anyone has anything to say about what we've poured out - which, no matter how mundane, is surely a piece of our heart laid bare.

I'm not jumping into this with some grand delusion of autheric fame (yeah, I made that word up) but oh, to be published!  And I kind of am now, aren't I?  I mean, you're reading it - so that's something!

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  1. 1. Amy Adams is adorable. Have you rented Sunshine Cleaning? Tonight I watch: Leap Year, just 'cause I love her.
    2. I totally feel like we're better friends now!
    3. Update this blog everyday and you will be famous... I can see it...and I think I would bet my farm on it (if I had a farm).
    4. Go make a BlogHer account and post your stuff there: your future awaits my dear!! lol

  2. 1. Sunshine Cleaning: Gross. Loved it! Leap Year: Watched it on Tuesday at my sister's monthly "Movies For Mommies" day (we eat lunch together, girl talk then watch a girly movie that would make our romantically handicapped husbands cringe). Loved it. Predictable but adorable!
    2. Me too. I won't say that I am now your very own stalker but I read everything you post.
    3. Fame scares me but I would like a farm.
    4. I don't know what BlogHer is but I'll check it out just because you suggest it.

  3. The culinary world needs to realize that boning a duck isn't politically correct.

  4. I read everything you write..That is what is important...write away my friend. Entertain me!


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