A Minute is a Minute

by - June 24, 2010

This has not been a week of joy.  This has not been a week of inspiration.  This has been a pull out my hair, scream at the sky, curse the water-pressure, want to abandon all modern technology, somebody peed on the toilet seat kind of week.  And it's not even over yet.

I am good at saying no.  I am good at time management.  I am not good at managing time that doesn't go my way over something, in retrospect, that maybe I should have said no to.

"Will you make the Farewell DVD for the retiring pastor and his wife?" they asked ever so gently.
"Yes, I would be happy to," I replied sweetly (as I am known to do) still naïve and trusting in the beautiful simplicity of iMovie.

I like making movies.  I like the process of filming and editing and finding the perfect soundtrack and presenting something that I'm proud of in the end.  And it should have been that easy.

It wasn't.

So begins my rant against technology.

I'm given files in four different formats.  I am working on a mac.  My home mac runs an older operating system than my work mac.  The two do not see eye to eye.  The new $1500 camera wont import.  I have to borrow the pastor's laptop because it's the only one that understands the camera.  Ridiculous.  Now I'm sitting in my office, 30 hours already invested, ranting at my desk computer while video imports to the pastors and then transfers to my own.  Three computers running on my desk.  Surely this is in the fine-print description of hell.

It was supposed to be easy.

I set Monday aside.  It should have been done.  Instead my eyes are buggy from staring at screens and my children are buggy from the television babysitter.

Liam: Mommy, ten I have a dwink?
Mommy: In a minute, Liam. (not looking away from the screen)
---twelve minutes later---
Liam: Mommy, a minute is a minute!

Liam: Mommy, ten I have a fweeeezeee?
Mommy:  In a minute, Liam. (not looking away from the screen)
---eight minutes later---

Liam: Mommeeeeee - WIPE MY BUM!!!!
Mommy: I'm Coming!
Some things just can't wait.

Now it's Thursday.  I can see the end and the end is beautiful.  My hours of sweat and frustration will bring somebody joy.  I guess that makes it worth it.

Here is what I have learned:
1. It's never as easy as it should be.
2. Always insist on being given everything in the same format.
3. Technology is for the birds.
4. Michael W. Smith's "Friends Are Friends Forever" is old and cheesy but will still probably make them cry.
5. It's okay to be frustrated.
6. It's okay to have second thoughts.
7. It's good to power through because I'll come out the other end with a huge sense of accomplishment, observe my neglected house and my mangy children and say, "Mommy's back!" reclaiming in a moment what is supposed to be my summer holidays.
8. Reject all proposed projects with a sweet smile and a no thank-you until September.

As the computer grinds out the finished DVD I breath a satisfied sigh and commit myself to seeking out all the joy and inspiration I can find in what is left of this despicable (soon to be redeemed) week.

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  1. make sure that dvd burned right..lol

  2. Ooo, that was painful. I'm feeling for you big time. Did you add the hours spent in the admin centre filming?

  3. I'm feeling a little guilty and selfish over yesterday's rant - now that it's all over...I apologize - Pastor Peter and Pearls deserve a wonderful farewell no matter what it cost me. Yeah, Erika, I did include my filming time and Heidi, if the DVD doesn't work you'll be hearing from me shortly...

  4. I applaude your honesty with sharing what people expect, keep up the good work!


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