Perfection & Grace (or not)

by - June 18, 2010

Sitting in grace - this woman in her pearls and perfection lifts her tea to rose-stained lips.  Front page make-up and carefully pressed suit against newborn skin and a handsome husband...I eat my oatmeal with extra brown sugar and know better than to envy that beauty (demanding my attention like a pretty fog horn) because I know that up close her skin is pasty from Maybelline and her pearls are glass and her teeth cost her four thousand dollars and her breasts even more and her stockings have a run up by her thigh and she hides her left hand behind her cup because she bites the baby nail on that side and her suit is from WalMart and the handsome husband isn't even her's - she just borrows him from time to time when she needs to feel something other than all her perfection and grace.

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