June 28, 2010

A Word With Liam

Mommy: Who's your best friend?
Liam - without hesitation: Dohn Whennon, Waven and Denerwol Dweavis.
Mommy: Isn't General Grievous a bad guy?
Liam: Yeah, but he's dust wearwing a mask.
Mommy: Why are they your friends?
Liam: 'Cause they got guns dat shoot out awigaders!
Mommy: What about Zander?  Isn't he one of your best friends?
Liam: What's da word I'm tinking about...um, no!
Mommy: Why not?
Liam: Awigaters, Mommy, wemembar??!!

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  1. this is way too cute!

  2. Well that was easily the funniest thing I've read today.

  3. Hmm... John Lennon had a gun? And shot alligators? I think Liam could write a new biography. :)

  4. The gun actually shoots out alligators as bullets - which, I'm sure you'll agree, is even cooler!!!!! It would be the greatest Lennon Biography of all time - complete with stick figure, alien head drawings!


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