Happy Birthday, Disco!

by - July 15, 2010

July 10, 2006.

He came hard and fast and purple.  We joked that he had a black daddy.  He was beautiful but he kind of looked like a troll, or a really old man so shrunken in on himself that he looked more alien than human.  I loved him immediately and irrevocably.

Zander wanted to call him "Gurgles" or "Disco".  We were on board with the Disco but found out we weren't allowed to use quotation marks in a name (it says so on the forms).  Liam Oliver "Disco" Rusnak - it's just that the government doesn't know about the Disco part.

Four years.  In a blink.  We celebrated in a private little cove off Wasaga Beach because all he wanted was a beach party.  It was strange for me because I usually go overboard with theme parties and decorations and cool cakes.  I felt like my simple offer of Koolaid Jammers, kabosa, crackers, fruit and store-bought cupcakes were lame but he was thrilled.  It was what he wanted.  Sand play, volleyball, kites, water guns, the Wardells.  It was what he wanted.
All trace of the troll is gone - outgrown by 100% beautiful boy.  He's starting school in the fall and while I'm looking forward to it I also feel like part of me is dying and the world is a little closer to ending.  These are the moments when I forget that he drives me crazy and is intolerably demanding and entitled and selfish.  But he is also hilarious and oddly gentle (when in suits him) and sweet in moments of kindness and this is the Liam I will miss while his JK teacher is busy falling in love with him.

Happy Birthday, Disco!  I truly adore you!

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