Not My Favorite Drive Ever

by - October 14, 2010

A rusty pickup truck rode my bumper.  He'd been there since Grey Road 13.  A human skull was sitting on his dashboard, staring me down through the rear-view mirror.  I tried to let him pass but he just slowed down with me - those empty eyes leering - a cold sweat on the back of my neck.  I was completely creeped out and the longer it went on the more I felt like I must be in a Liebesman movie and a man wearing a mask of human skin would lean out the passenger side window with a chain-saw and broken teeth.  This would be the opening scene.  I would be the first to die, of course, and then my skull would join the one on the dashboard and together we'd stare down the next victim...

He was there all the way to the lights in Durham.  We stopped at a red.  I put my blinker on once I saw that he was going straight.  That's when I could read the words on his hood visor:   Dar-Lyn Pools & Spas.  Great advertising.  I never wanted a pool anyway.

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