One More Run

by - October 14, 2010

It was his third and final race of the season and it actually felt like fall this time.  The wind had enough bite to make the tips of our noses red but the sun was working hard at breaking through the clouds and it's efforts kept the temperature bearable.  We froze last year so, this time, we came prepared.  Mitts, hats, coats, sweaters.  Perfect.

The meet was hosted by the Meaford Tank Range.  We had to sign our lives away to enter the property.  No sir, I will not hold Her Royal Majesty responsible to any harm done to myself or my personal property. Yes, sir, you may quote me on that.  Yes, sir, I will do my upmost to treat properties under the mighty reign of Her Royal Highness with the respect and grace that only she deserves.  Yes, sir, I understand that you have the right to search my person for contraband without probable cause or to escort me off the Queen's land at my own expense if I fail in any one of these capacities. Yes, sir.  Fine, sir.  Good day, sir.  And there were uniformed soldiers stationed all around to make sure I did just that.  I was even escorted to an "army sanctioned port-a-potty" by a chivalrous man in green.  Yes, today was a good day, indeed!

235 tyke boys.  You should have seen them; a mass of jersey-donning third and fourth graders in a blue, green and yellow rainbow of chaos, hopping and stretching and getting impatient along the painted white line, waiting for the gun shot that finally sent them off in an undulating wave of bobbing heads and brightly coloured shoe-laces.

This was an easier track than the other races.  All basically flat.  Mostly dry.  Zander's goal was to beat at least 30 kids.  He had no delusions of gold.  His expectations are realistic and attainable and it makes me proud.

He gave a good push at the end.  Passed a few more on his way to the finish.  He came in at #189.  Out of 235.  He surpassed his goal and was very pleased.  His coaches congratulated him, Mr.Klein checking his clip board and saying, "You're better every time, Zander.  Great job!" and Mrs. Napper-Sharpe telling him that he's a veteran now - two full seasons under his belt.  He beamed beneath their praise and then drank his complimentary chocolate milk in two big gulps .

We spent some time checking out the tanks on display, smiling at soldiers and attempting some of the obstacle course.  And we got away without offending Her Majesty or any of her hired guns!

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