Inspired By A Windshield

by - November 11, 2010

The frost was thick and I had to put some muscle behind the scraper.  I did a poor job - just clearing it from where I absolutely needed to see in order to make it to the school on time.

"Why'd you do dat?" Liam asked when I finally slid into the drivers seat and settled against the deliciously heated leather.  "Why'd you do dat scwape-scwape-scwape ting to da windows?"

I sent a shot of wiper fluid across the windshield and let the wipers work away at the remaining frost.  The defrosting fan was turned all the way to four and I had to raise my voice to answer him.  "I can't see through the frost, Liam.  I have to clean it off before we can leave."

But he didn't care about my answer.  He was watching the wipers.  "Why'd you squirt dat stuff evwywhere?"  and then, "why'd you put on dhose wiper thingys?"

"The squirt stuff helps to melt the ice and the wipers clean it all away," I told him.

"Huh?....Dat - is - so - AWESOME!!!!!!  Mommy?"

"Yes, Liam?"

"When I dwow up I'm gonna be a windsealed wiper!"

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  1. He is So Precious! You do a great job conveying his speech, I am able to hear him clearly. He brings a smile to my face every time! Thanks :)


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