From the Bottom Up

by - December 3, 2010

My first time was in the front seat of Dr. Neal Stretch's silver Austin Mini Cooper.  I'm pretty sure I squealed.  My naïveté amused him.  I hadn't known such a thing existed.

Sweet, golden coils, nestled beneath my denim-clad bottom like a beautifully unfolding mystery; a flirtation of modern comfort and luxury radiating out like contagion - like some communicable disease every part of my body wanted desperately.

I was Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.  And the heated leather seat upon which I rested mon derriere was my delicious new designer wardrobe.

And now, some six years later, I have my own.  And every time I slide onto that bucket seat and feel the sweet embrace of warmth I think, "This is it.  I have arrived.  Check me out with my hot caboose!"

My bum is toasted therefore I am at peace with the universe.

And sometimes I turn it all the way up to 5 and it's so hot that I'm squirming and sweating but it's a beautiful thing and I can't turn it down because that would make me spoiled...

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  1. There is nothing like the feeling. Worth every extra penny. We like to ask the kids if they'd like their buns warmed and then say "oh ya......your seats aren't heated". It's funny every time.

  2. Ha! I love it! Zander's so jealous. The little ones don't care yet because they never get to sit in the front. They don't know what they're missing. But Zander...yeah, we like to tease too : )

  3. I haven't been back in a while...dropping out of BLOGLAND has its disadvantages; reading your blog is one of them.


  4. Erika - I totally miss reading your stuff...stop being so busy and come back to us!!!!

    Claussens...Love YOU!!!


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