Mr. Rusnak, We Make Gooooood Kiddies!

by - January 20, 2011

This was found on the church nursery counter-top:

"Sorry about the cabnit thing.  Me and my brother were going thouro the door and the hunk of wood fell from Zander Rusnak P.S. My mom works here.  and her name is allann Alanna Rusnak"

And so, instead of getting in a load of trouble for crawling through church cabinets and knocking down nursery shelves he gets a big atta boy for being honest and taking responsibility.

He must have amazing parents!

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  1. ha ha. love it. Especially the mom works here.

  2. Aww, pitter-pat. You seriously didn't put him up to that - lol!

  3. this totally deserves a reward...way to make it about you are learning.

  4. No, Erika - that was all him. Paul actually found the letter and informed me that I needed to keep it forever : )

  5. that was very good of Zander to do on his own. The "My mom works here" line was pretty sweet :P haha


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