Jesus Has A DSi

by - February 1, 2011

Liam is hanging his head over the edge of the bunk, his hair reaching for the floor like blond stalactites, cheeks flushed from the rush of blood.  "When duz Desus even sweep?" he asks.
I'm tucking Zander in.  Verse two of You Are My Sunshine has been interrupted.  "I don't think Jesus needs to sleep, Liam."
"What?  Why?  How duz he det any west den?"
"You don't need rest in heaven."
"Yeah, Liam," Zander interjects, "heaven has everything you could ever want."
Liam sits back up, shakes out a head rush.  "Evwee-ting?"
"Yup, everything."
"Weally, Mommy?"
I tuck him back in again.  "Heaven has everything you need so you won't want anything."
"Oh...I'm dunna ast Desus for my own DSi.  Where duz Desus keep da DSi's in heaven?"
"I don't think there will be DSi's in heaven."
"Oh yes dare are.  I tink Desus has a gweat big woom in da back sumwhere where he hides dem all.  I'll dust ast him when I get dare."

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  1. lol. too cute. I don't even know what a DSi is but I'm counting on all the chocolate I can manage being there. :)

  2. it's a hand-held gaming thing - like a gameboy...I'm with you on the chocolate thing for sure!! : )

  3. ‎'a big room in the back'
    this made my night :)


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