Kitchen Kisses

by - February 11, 2011

"UUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH!" It's a gutteral, eye rolling, four-year old moan.  "Dat is so an-noy-ing!!!"  He flings himself forward across the coffee table, hiding his eyes beneath blond bangs that desperately need a hairdresser.

Mommy and Daddy are kissing in the kitchen.

We laugh at him.

Noa toddles past.  Smiles.  "Dood durl, mummy."

"See Liam?" I say, arms still around his daddy's neck.  "I'm a good girl!"

I plant another kiss.

He rolls off the table onto the floor.  "You're gwoss!"

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  1. He rolls off the table onto the floor. "You're gwoss!"

    favourite line. Says so much with so little ;)

    I hope to one day be able to gross my kids out too :P

  2. Give Liam about 10 years, and he'll be changing his mind. ;)

  3. These are the memories that will make him grow into a good man.


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