Never In A Million Years...

by - February 23, 2011

He was fourteen and scrawny.  The musky evidence of his fathers trapping clung to his wear-weary Wranglers like a hinted aura.  I was seventeen and gaining heavenly crowns and english credits by tutoring him in the J.D.S.S. library.

Getting him to read was like pulling teeth or, as he might have said, skinning a tough old muskrat.  He would rather spend his time lassoing the flies that had settled to die in the east stairwell window with a piece of my hair than read about Piggy's glasses in Lord of the Flies.  And Shakespeare?  Not a chance.  Twelfth Night might as well have been in Latin.  So we'd play Scrabble with a two letter word exception.  We'd watch Arnold Schwarzenegger movies and write "book reports" about them.  I'd get annoyed when he pulled my hair and he'd pretend he didn't know me whenever we passed in the hallways apart from our tutoring time.

If someone had shown me a snapshot of the future I would probably have spit a mouthful of cafeteria fries all over it.  Not in a million years...

But here we are.  More than a decade later.  And now he's my brother.  And I really like him.

Even though he's still kind of a dork.

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  1. Peer tutoring. Best class ever!!!!!!!

  2. I hope you get published, just so I can have your books on my shelves and be able to read all your short stories even when the internet doesn't work. :)

  3. Brought a smile to my face :) A lot of it was harder for me to understand this time around (writers speak in a certain code sometimes... you definitely did in this post) but nonetheless, the objective was made and I liked it!

  4. Sorry to confuse you - it wasn't meant to. My sister, Heidi, ended up marrying the boy I tutored in high school - that's all. It's just strange the way things turn out.

  5. No no no I got that, but there was just some quick references that you throw in here and there. It's just that without the same background, I wouldn't understand what you were referring to. But that;s part of the fun of writing. Directing people where you want to, and instilling a correct amount of wonder. :)


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