An Army of One

by - March 14, 2011

It is his personal battle.  It is a war and he is the one soldier fighting against the odds and he will keep fighting until the day his daddy gives up his du Maurier Ultra Lights.  His offense methods are direct and unapologetic and I love him for it.  Last week he presented said father with this brilliant little number..."Do you even know what's in those cigarettes, Daddy?  Well, let me tell you!"  And he read it out loudly and matter-of-factly and holier-than-thouly and then hung it on the fridge so Daddy has to look at it every day.  I have no doubt that Zander, above all else, will be the reason he finally quits.

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  1. GO ZANDER! I'm the reason my mom quit smoking... so there is hope for Zander! :)

  2. My kids , now grown lost their dad to cancer...I lost my brother to cancer...yup the lung kind in both instances. Just before my brother died at the age of 40, I said I wished there was something I could do to help him....His answer was simple "quite smoking" he said...and I did. This is such a senseless habit and in this day and age I just don't 'get it'. OK enough rambling from me.


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