Birthing Music

by - April 1, 2011

I find my way without a map.  Somehow hardwired with a euphonic G.P.S. that allows me passage through various organic scales.  Major and minor.  Therapy in black and white.  This little finger dance that I can stick a pin in and say, I like that (because it's for me and no one else).  And the kids bang around in the background and I scribble frantically with a nubby pencil whose groove might inspire a rhythm if I could find a place to settle among these eighty-eight keys...

A B C D E F G spells JOY and I sink into it and forget to watch the clock and realize it's seven o'clock and I have three kids who haven't had their dinner...

So here it is.  The first song from the rescued piano - my new friend.  Poorly recorded but nonetheless...

Happy Monday, get myself up. Good morning - fill up my cup.  Take the coins from beside the bed, before you use them for cigarettes...Get the kids off to school, no kisses - that's not cool.  Steal one in the parking lot anyway.  This is my cliche...Say hello to the boss.  Check the clock, what time do I get off?  Can I get you another cup?  It's only decaf but at least it's hot...Five months to a holiday.  Ten years til Saturday.  Who needs it anyway?  This is my cliche...Home again and unprepared.  Dog-tired and no one cares.  Pick up the sock and the daily grind.  Get dinner on the table on time...Grab a book and crawl into bed.  Try to read but the words blur through my head.  Close my eyes to catch a wink when I hear the sound of little feet....I'm fine.  You're good.  Home is where the heart is.  Life is a highway.  This is just a rest stop from my cliche...Happy Tuesday - get myself up.  Good morning - fill up my cup.

Pull you in for a moment or two because I like you.

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  1. 'Say hello to the boss" was my favourite line by far :)
    Very well done. that piano line is soo catchy. Loved it Alanna. Can't wait to hear more!

  2. Really beautiful Alanna!! Do you have a CD out??

  3. I can no longer state that I have never heard your beautiful and sassy it.x

  4. No - no CD...yet. That is the hope...someday

  5. Sounds really great!

    Greetz Danielle (from the Netherlands)

  6. thanks so much, Danielle : )


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