Drive-Thru Moment

by - April 6, 2011

Gray skies, a wide expanse of threat - winters last grasp - broken by sudden sunshine and robins on brown patches of death that will soon birth new green life.  I've ignored that wise mantra: more than four, go to the door - and joined this parade of exhaust puking, impatiently chugging, anti-green buggies.  Watch me crawl...for a coffee, no less.

The cavalier squeals in to the line, Ace of Base pounding out the open sunroof, big ol' trucker hat hiding his eyes as he rocks out like it's 1993 and all that she wants is another baby...Old enough to drive but not old enough to buy that cigarette that sends coils of cancer up from between his fingers that thought they were so clever when they wrote in the road dust on the passenger side: I wish my girlfriend was this dirty...

I'm laughing.  It's a show.  People are the greatest entertainment.

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