Day Three

by - May 11, 2011

We’re in it now.  I haven’t written by hand so much since highschool.  My pages are covered in notes and ideas and tidbits of wisdom I couldn’t let escape into the next thought that falls on us like unrelenting rain.  BE THE CHANGE.  A MIST IN THE PULPIT IS A FOG IN THE PEW.  IT’S NOT JUST ANOTHER SUNDAY.  GET OUT OF THE BOX!  PLAN DILLIGENTLY BUT HOLD IT LOSELY.  SING FROM THE HEART, NOT FROM THE CHART.  Books to read (on top of the already assigned reading):  “The Hole in our Gospel”, “Valley of Vision”, “It’s Not About Me”,  “Unlimiting God”, “A Heart Exposed”.  MAKE WORSHIPPERS OUT OF REBELS.  Ensure the following are requested in next years budget: DB 90, in-ear monitors.  Check out the following: Dancing Guy on YouTube.  YOUTUBE IS YOUR DEAREST FRIEND - USE IT OFTEN, USE IT WELL.  COMPLEXITY BREEDS COMPLEXITY.  TESTED, TIMELY, TIMELESS. 
An extra two hours after class to work on the practicum.  I’m lucky I like these people.
We eat late.  Kelsey’s.  We deserve it.
Back to ugly rooms.  Pajamas.  Finish Ted Dekker.  Begin James Rollins.  Lights out before ten-thirty.
And breathe.  

See the splash of red shadow my alarm clock paints across my quilt.  Hear sweet Angela beside me as she sings through our practicum - voice soft and airy and hidden from us in rehearsal...beautiful one, I adore...
Lullably to a sleepy head.  
One more day to go.

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