by - June 16, 2011

My sister is the Avon Lady.

I think this is hilarious.  Not because she's not good at it - it's because I've never once seen her wear lipstick (or little white gloves for that matter) and an Avon Lady must wear lipstick -  blood red, sexy, Gwen Stefani, lipstick.  But she doesn't.  And she's Avon-ing it anyway.  And apparently it's working out...

So I guess I'm wrong.

And now I'm kind of addicted to the whole thing.  The catalogues.  The "Deal of the Day."  The fact that Reese Witherspoon is their new spokeswoman (which gives it an entirely different credibility because she is my secret best friend).

I just ordered the glimmer-stick eyeliner in black-ice.  Yeah, I'm hooked.

But not for lipstick.  Not since I tried to wear the halloween red on my lips in eighth grade and my mom called me a hooker...not when my die-hard tenth grade crush said he would only date me if I wore it...not even on my wedding day.

Of course, I'm not about to judge you if you wear it.  Even Reese Witherspoon wears it now and then.  Just buy it from my sister...adopt her as your own person Avon Lady just so you can proudly say to people, "Hey, I have an Avon Lady!"...further her success by Liking her facebook page...or following her blog.

Yeah, shameless advertising but it's okay - she doesn't even know about it...

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  1. You know I wqas thinking I needed some new makeup considering my mascara is older than Ever.

    lol your mom called you a hooker!!

  2. That's what you Austins do. Break tradition. :p


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