Through The Eyes of a Coffee Shop

by - July 8, 2011

People are weird.  They walk through the door with their greasy hair and ripped jeans and buy a four dollar coffee and I can't help but think that money would be better spent on a bottle of Herbal Essences.

Maybe I'm too judgemental.  Maybe I'm a little too prim in my dressed-for-work attire, posed in my coffee-shop-geek mode (Laptop - check.  Coffee - check, check.  Papers spread - owning this four man booth - CHECK!)  Truth is, this is my first time - blogging from the cafe.  And I kinda like it.  But I'm zinging.  Four dollars worth of coffee has got me a little tipsy - I got that last one just so I can prolong the return to the office where the internet has proved to be my arch nemesis.  I had to come down here - lug my computer and my files, to work beneath this fake tin roof - because the office internet has become the devil internet (and that has no place in a church)!  My job requires access.  Thus a cafe afternoon and a caffeine high all so Sunday's announcements have amazing images to go along with them.

You're Welcome HMC!

And I kind of want to stay and spend my afternoon editing the Couch Event video but that probably wouldn't be appropriate...

Back to the office.  To the devil internet.  To the - can't do my job so I might as well just go home.

Happy Friday!

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