by - August 23, 2011

I wanted to read it from the moment I heard the CBC interview with Emma Donoghue but was (in)patiently waiting for the paperback.  (I adore books but if my love cost $30 every time I wouldn't be able to keep groceries in the house.)  I was thrilled the moment I saw it peeking from a pile of discounts at a liquidation store - marked down to $11 because the dust jacket had a small tear - a tiny little miracle with my name written all over it.

I read it over two days.

It has changed me.

I'm looking at the world with Jack eyes and it's fascinating.  The perfectly captured five-year-old voice is intoxicating.

Read this book.  Read it quickly so that you absorb it into yourself.  Never look at a wall or a sink or a tooth the same way again.

Buy it.  Borrow it.  Download it.  Whatever.  Just read it.

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  1. Uggg the concept just creeps me out. A mother and son locked in a room??? I can not bear it too depressing, I do know she makes it wonderful for him but still. Sorry not going to do it.


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