by - September 21, 2011

"What is this?" There's a rainbow blob of goodness knows what on the shelf.

"Proof," Zander says, grinning.

"Proof of what?"



"It's unicorn poop.  I found it at school."

"Yeah," says Noa, rocking on her toes.  "Da purrpull uk-e-corn dat poops out wainbows!  Dat's his poop.  It's a wainbow.  Don't fwow it in da darbidge, o-tay Mommy?...Pwomise?"

"Okay, Noa, I promise."

And so, I have become the proud owner of mystical manure, captivating caca, delightful doo-doo, real honest-to-goodness unicorn ordure.  Someone better alert the Ministry of Magic - I probably need a license.

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  1. One thing I admire about you is the way you see the world. Clearly being an artist and all you've got a different perception of it than others (don't we all, artist or not?), but I like how you take ordinary things, such as Unicorn poop, and turn it into a sweet and interesting blog post. I thoroughly enjoy seeing the world through your eyes and hope I can find the beauty in simple things such as those as frequently as you do :)


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