So Long Summer

by - September 19, 2011

I wore socks to bed last night.  Thick.  Fuzzy.  Blue.  Sorry Victoria - your secrets mean nothing if the mercury dips below 10º.

I think summer is officially a memory now.  Rest in peace sweet days of sun, sweet nights of warm breath and squeaking ceiling fan, sweet hours of sticky heat and blissful rays.

Come back soon.  Either that, or I'll move to Mexico.  I've heard you like it there.

There's really only one redeeming piece to this whole autumn assault.  Colour.  Nothing is warmer (other than fuzzy blue socks) than the rich and fiery colours of fall...

the hutch in the entry gets a fall boost : )

even my apple picking painting in it's flea market frame makes more sense in the fall
hallway mirror

wall plaques from the dollar store (to which I am an admitted addict!)

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