Gurl Fwends

by - January 4, 2012

There's a girl at the skating rink that I don't know.  I ask Zander who she is because they're skating together for a couple laps.  She's in his grade at school.

"You're friends?"
"Yeah, why?"
"You've just never talked about her."
"Oh, she was in my class last year."
"Yeah," Liam pipes in, "well I have two guwl-fwends!" because he always has to best his brother.
"Really?" I ask him.  "Two?"
"Well, not guwl-fwends...."
"You mean friends who are girls?"
"I know about Skylar but who's the other one?"
"Um, dust Annemijn."
"Do you play together?"
"Um, no, not weally."
"Well, what do you do then?"
He shrugs, "I don't know, we dust chat, I guess."

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