by - January 22, 2012

"I totally didn't get your last blog, hon - I mean, I didn't read the whole thing because I was at work but I didn't get what it was about...was it an excerpt from your new book or something?"

"Seriously?  The whole thing was a rant about came over to help in the basement this week..."

"Oh, I'll have to read that again."


"I think that's the funniest thing you've ever written," he says, grinning - obviously not moved to change or apologize.

"What's so funny?"  Zander asks.

"Mommy called me a pansy."

"What's a pansy?"

"A chicken!" I say.  "Daddy's scared to go in the basement."

"Hon, I'm not scared, it's just the dirtiest, grossest job ever and I don't want to do it."

Right.  Pansy.

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