Please Forgive Me - Toby Whithouse Is Robbing Me Of Time

by - April 14, 2012

We never stop spinning, do we?  Busy weighs me like an anvil and I wish my bed was actually comfortable because I'd fall into it and sleep until 2013 - truth is my bed is a rescued relic from a dead ladies apartment (no wonder I believe in ghosts).  Speaking of - Being Human - recommended by a friend and avoided because it sounded campy and lame.  Please forgive me.  It's bloody brilliant!  (That's my British accent - good, isn't it???)  And please, please, please, for the love of all things artistic and beautiful  - if you're going to give it a go DO NOT watch the American version.  I did.  It is not worth a moment of your precious time.  This, however will capture you - (and a John Stamosesque vampire is just the sweet and deadly little cherry on top).

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