Ten Year Old Sentiments

by - May 14, 2012

He catches me at the sink, big construction paper card in his hands.  "I'd like to read you a poem," he says.  So I wipe my hands and turn to face him.

He stands like an orator, arms outstretched with notes before him, chin lifted confidently with the self-assurance of one who is about to blow someones mind:

This is a poem I wrote at school
And I hope you think it's cool.
I love you and there are many reasons why
Like in the morning how you say hi
And your loving eyes, as blue as the sky
And even when I forget to thank you
You remind me with glee.
Even though I sometimes forget you are cool
You still drive me to school.
I also love your art and just like your art
You have a big spot in my heart.

Happy Mother's Day!

And I think it's hilarious and adorable and almost enough to ignore the dirty socks on the living room floor.

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