Behind The Camo

by - June 11, 2012

Sun beaming down on faces beaming skyward, catching the coiling smoke before the roar catches our ears.  We are tourists in this Disney land of the army.  And while I was entertained and amazed by the feats of man in the air I was most impressed by the gentleness emanating from the men in green.  The way they bent to the level of children.  The way they embraced the moment in patience and grace - holding the hand of the child on the rope bridge, reloading the guns and ducking through the dark maze, smearing grease paint on bouncing expectation, offering a hand up to the view of the inside of a real tank.

I selfishly hope my children never join but what I do know is that a whole lot of momma's should be mighty proud of the way their serving sons and daughters graciously let my sons and daughter catch a simple glimpse of life behind the camo.

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