August 27, 2012

Make It Monday: This Little Light Of Mine

We don't follow any rules and I'm sure we don't do it right but we end with something beautiful and that's really what it's about, isn't it?  It's not the wax spilled on the cook top (and the counter and running down the drawer faces and on the chairs).  It's not the burned finger tips.  It's not the oven mitt that accidentally gets dropped right in the yellow.  It's having something to do together.  Something that doesn't involve a screen or whining.  It's the building and the layering and the laughing and the teasing and the choosing and the all together of it all.

We chose pretty glasses and colours at the dollar store
We melted the wax in foil muffin tins on a foil covered frying pan
We rescued a couple wicks from the melting wax and held them over our glasses with pencils
We added colour in layers - letting each layer set before the next was added. It took a long time but looks so pretty!
And done!  The boys are proud of their creations....

...and they look so pretty now on the bookshelf

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