Make It Monday: Chore Chart Glory

by - February 11, 2013

Apparently, all they needed was a little motivation.

All I needed was a little inspiration and some input from the eldest: "We need a reason to do it, Mom.  Don't give us allowance for doing chores, take it away for not doing them."  Brilliant!

Some barn board, mini masons, picture frames and nails, a little template creation...and voilà: chore charts that are functional and lovely to look at.

The Rules: Their allowance goes in their respective jar at the beginning of the week.  For each task incomplete a coin will be removed.  They get the contents of the jar at weeks end.  Easy peasy.

"Moooooommmmm!" Zander yells,  "I need the vacuum!!!!"
"No, I wanna vacuum!" and Liam's jumping on one leg, dry erase maker in his hand, counting his check marks to make sure he's a better worker than Zander.
"But Mommy," Noa adds, dejectedly, "I wanna vacuum!" 

And their arguing makes as much noise as a vacuum and it is sweet music to my ears.

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  1. BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!! It is so gorgeous too. Who knew chores could be so multi dimensional.

  2. How did you create these chore charts? I would love to make one for my boys.

  3. I actually did it in a word processor. I'm exploring ways to make templates available for download but for now you can send me an email and I'd be happy to send you the file :)

  4. Download my chore chart sticker pack here:


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