April 25, 2013

It Can't All Be Roses


It's one of those days you just wish you could blink and disappear it into the ether as if it never happened and it's not even over and it doesn't matter that it's April because April is stupid and every day it holds is made for fools because the skies are open and beating us with massive wet snowflakes like the spittle of a hell hound and I raise my fists to those wide grey heavens and scream it good like a Costanza, "SERENITY NOW!!!"

And the house is a mess and I forgot to get milk and I don't even know what I can feed the kids tonight and sometimes it's so hard to be a part-time single parent and I wonder if I'd even get a response if I sent a letter to Hogwarts: Dear Head of the House Elves, could you spare one 'cause I could sure use one? Signed The Fetal Positioned Momma Under The Basement Stairs.
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  1. Thanks Alanna, because your bad day makes me feel better about the string of bad days I've had recently. It's good to be grumpy in community.

    I'm sorry. No I'm not. Yes I am.

  2. Being grumpy in community allows us to laugh at ourselves! Thanks for being a friend!!!!


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