A Place To Write - On A $0 Budget!

by - June 18, 2013

She's this great ball of fire and and when she laughs her head snaps back and her face cracks wide and she's just human and the academia of her resume matters less than the spirit glowing through as she talks wildly of goldfish crackers.

When I sat and listened to her story I felt a piece of my heart shift.  Words.  The life that mattered and shaped her.  Written on a 2x4 in the back of a closet.

And that 2x4 birthed a beautiful testimony.  And it's tale has spurred me to ensure that I will never leave myself without 'a place'.


Paying the mortgage, taxes, groceries, Bell Canada leeches, hydro (and on and on and on) takes huge precedent over investing in anything pretty for my home.  But I am not one to turn away from a challenge.

There was an embarrassing little space in my bedroom - a built-in sewing table put there by Daddy Dearest so long ago.  Since we moved in it has served no purpose save for the piling of junk, thankfully hidden by the curtains hung by Mommy Dearest.  Hideous.  (I couldn't even stand to take more than one picture of it because it was just.so.awful.)

I found some old gift paper and stuck it to the wall like I was wrapping myself a present.  Of course, I could have gotten real wallpaper but that would have cost money and my goal was $0.00!

I pulled little accessories from around the house and dug out my old sewing machine - not because I have plans to get back into sewing - just because it's pretty (and a homage to the original intention of this little space).

click to see larger image

 Much can be done with very little.  SO MUCH can be done when you have more than a 2x4! 

I would love to tell you that right now as I type this I'm sitting at that pretty little desk feeling lovingly inspired but the truth is that the sun is shining and I'm feeling deficient in Vitamin D.  So I'm here instead - upon a table ironically constructed with, yes, 2x4's...


...but glowing with the knowledge that come a rainy day, I'll have a perfect little place to sit for a while and write.

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    If I gave you an ugly dorm room could you find a corner in there and do something similar? haha kidding. But honestly this is a great idea.

  2. Ha! Maybe roses for you? Or plaid? No, wait...Batman!!!

  3. oh! I am inspired!My writing corner needs some love as well!! summer project perhaps.


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