There's A Point When You Forget What Day It Is

by - August 5, 2013

It all blends and we don't know if it's day three or day five but we're still laughing and no one wants to go home.  We've weathered the weather and have enjoyed some much needed sunlight.  We've cheered through soccer games they shouldn't have been allowed to play - three on three for ages twelve and up and their oldest player is only eleven but they made every team work for their win.  We've eaten ice cream and chased the Tuck Truck and ridden the red trailer behind the lawn tractor.  We've seen the building of unsafe bike ramps and the riding of bike pegs.  We've seen fire and train tracks and listened to the voice of the speaker bounce off the high wooden beams.  We've built friendships and shared coffee with neighbors and slept until 10 am.  

We've survived.  

And we will do it again next year.    

And it was worth it.

It worked because I was organized and I was organized because I begged a veteran camper for her lists and built my own from them and now I pass them on to you in the hopes that they might help you in your quest for some low-key family fun...


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