Craft Corner Update

by - September 16, 2013

Once again it seems the universe has some big, fat L.O.V.E. for me.  It hasn't even been a day since I finished that little project - a mere twenty-four hours since I stood back from my busy and gazed on my pretty...and thought, 'gee, this would be better with a rug!'

Well, guess what?

Hubby dearest - bless his cotton socks! - came home from work with a grin on his face.  "I've got a treat for you out in the car."

Oooooo, mysterious!

And there it was, hunkered in the trunk like a cocoon ready to burst into brilliance - never used, still coiled in plastic wrapping and calling my name - a brand new POTTERY BARN carpet!  Yikes!  What?  It had been donated to his workplace but they just didn't have anywhere to use it.

Again, what?

And, yes please!

So, the family room gets the new, slightly more sophisticated PB treasure...
→    →    →    →    →    →    →  
(Yes, that is a futon, and no, this is not an apology!)

...and my cement floor craft space (desperately seeking reprieve for cold creative toes) inherits the old Walmart thing we made due with because it only cost $28 treasure.


Thanks universe! 

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  1. Love it! Love the pictures too. The old Walmart "special" suits the craft space while the new PB treasures makes your living room like tres elegant!

  2. Thanks Cassie, I'm really loving it!


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