Make It Monday: Pretty Craft Corner

by - September 16, 2013

Since we moved in I've passed that dingy little space every day and wished for something better.  It's been more than a year and I've just been stuck.  Stuck in my displeasure because I just couldn't see past the freezer that seemed to solidify that under-the-stairs-corner as unchangeable.

Until I remembered that I can do anything.  Because I am a tank.  And because pretty (eventually) wins every time when it comes to my home.

I had to do it in bare feet because my socks kept slipping on the floor.  So, barefoot and teeth-grit-determined, I moved that freezer BY MYSELF (because I am a tank!) and tucked it way back in the wood room and was left with this:

→    →    →    →    →    


And it's not like I can run out a spend a boat-load of money to spruce it up into something that won't make me cringe BUT, I did find a cheque for $311 while I was cleaning the kitchen last week, so I took that as a little nod from the universe and grabbed a couple little things at the dollar store - I know, big spender!
  1. Three rolls of contact paper.
  2. Little storage jars.
  3. Bigger storage jars.
  4. Paper lanterns.
  5. Clock.
(And more than enough money left over to fill that freezer - that would not have moved so easily had it not been depressingly empty.)

After cleaning the walls, I put up the contact paper - wallpaper made easy but a little more commitment than the gift wrap I used at my bedroom writing desk. It's subtle but it's got a little silver sheen to it that immediately dressed up the dingy.  And WAY cheaper than wallpaper!

Everything else was stuff we already had.  The desk has been living out in the barn since we moved because we had no use for it.  The chairs were a $15 Kijiji buy last fall that have been waiting for a good home.  The window frame over the electrical panel was something my mother-in-law picked up in the hopes that I'd make her some kind of beautiful display with pictures of the grandchildren... hopefully she'll be so impressed by my ingenious that she'll just let that one slide...

I sent my sister a text photo of everything as soon as I finished because I was just so darn proud and her reply was, "Adorable! Are you going to let the kids use it?"

I don't know who I was kidding.  This was ALL for me.

"They'll have to earn the right," I replied.

Because the attempt at a craft room upstairs turned into a tumbling vortex of terror and chaos.

And now that room stands to be converted into a darling little guest room.  [Pinterest, thou beest my guiding light.  Or my laborious inspiration.  Or my tedious demon.  Or my lover.]

That's right, under the stairs is where the dress-up clothes live...Buuuuut, crafting is creative and playing dress-up is creative soooooooooo, it all kind of goes...

I'd love to add a rug to ground it all and soften that cement floor.  I also think it would be brilliant to paint the panel wall red but this was supposed to be a one day project.  Still...there may be more to come.

Happy crafting everyone!

[click here for a little update!]

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  1. Amazing job! You'll be my inspiration to pretty up my home...when I'm a little more organized :)

  2. Can't wait to hear what you come up with...if I waited until I was organized I'd never do anything - I seem to work beautifully in the chaos. It motivates me somehow ;)

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