May 14, 2014

My Favorite Compliment

He smiled at me when I came through the doors of the coffee shop - this man as big as a house and beard all white and wise - smiled like he knew me though I had no idea under heaven.

"You don't remember me, do you?" he asked, having left his coffee on the table by the window to approach me as I stood in line.

"Sorry," I said.

"Ha! Not a worry! You still singing?"

"When the mood strikes," I tell him, still without a clue to his identity. 

take me back, mr. time machine to anti-Vietnam America and I'll kiss the first twenty boys I see - Alanna Rusnak"Yeah, I remember seeing you up there singing. My wife and I, we always talked about how you were born in the wrong decade. Like how you were this hippie looking like you belonged smack in the middle of the sixties or something - all bohemian and what-not."

"I've been told that before," I said and I kind of wanted to kiss him on his wrinkled cheek because it's my most favorite compliment - whether he meant it as such or not.

Because it's true. I was born in the wrong decade. I belong cross-legged and barefoot in the grass at a 1965 Joni Mitchell field concert. When someone recognizes that it means they really see me and being really seen is the greatest flattery of all

(photo text is an excerpt from 'Dear Flower Child' a poem in my poetry collection, "When We Were Young" available for Kindle)
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  1. I'm always telling Leanne how I was born in the wrong decade as well. If it were up to me, back to the Roaring 20s without a doubt. The style, the technology (film cameras, typewriters, automobiles, etc.) were all so interesting. Mind you, I love living in the 21st century for the way I can integrate the best of those eras with the best of this eras in everyday life (like being able to shoot film photography but having the immense luxury of digital. Not to mention the internet). Still--if I had a time machine, to the 20s I would go!!

    1. Ah, The Great Gatsby! I totally see it! Such a classy, gorgeous era.

  2. AmberlynneMay 15, 2014

    Yes, you are most definitely a child of the 60's! :)

  3. You and Aziza. Lol. She just told me she wanted a time machine today

  4. Excellent!!! And one of my childhood secrets... you were my inspiration in my hippie pants and crazy pattern clothes I used to rock .... haha! Ya thats right...I just put that out there :)

    Mind you... you always pulled of the look a heck of a lot nicer then I did.. (as I sit here on my couch giggling at my childhood memories) tee hee :)

    1. Ha! I'm flattered :) and I'm sure with those long skinny legs of yours you looked awesome in some plaid polyesters ;)

  5. i hear ya... crazyed about black and white musicals and have always felt that i was born in the wrong decade!


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