Boutique Night Haul {Everybody Likes FREE Stuff}

by - June 10, 2014

Boutique Night Haul - SelfBinding Retrospect by Alanna RusnakOur church has got this vibrant ladies ministry, run by a group of willing creative hearts full of amazing ideas.  

Like Boutique Night.

This was in no way my own idea {though I like to think they were thinking of me - because if anyone likes a thrifted deal it's this girl!}

1. A call was put out for donations: clothing, accessories, home decor items. Good quality. Only gently used items. And things were collected over a number of weeks.

2. The ladies organized everything into sections, creating something of a shop in the church basement - jewellery on one table, purses on another, scarves hung along a curtain rod, racks of clothing divided by sizes, home decor items displayed attractively.

3. As ladies arrived on the night of the event they were given a number {lucky 7 for me!} and then invited to 'shop' around and see what they might like, try things on, drink tea and eat brownies.

4. The concept was simple. When your number was called you could choose an item.  

Picture a room of 35 women, waiting on the edge of their chair for their number, then running when it was finally called.  There was little more than ten seconds between each number being called so there was a lot of rushing and squealing and cheering. Good old girly fun.

I went hoping to get some new accessories and I certainly was not disappointed.  My first three items were a silver knot ring, a scarf, and a bracelet. They were the three items I'd had my eye on in my initial 'shop' and I felt lucky to get them after going through the numbers three times.  By the fourth time I ventured out to the clothing and found a pair of jeans {that fit}! Finally they opened it up for a free-for-all for the leftovers and I grabbed a couple dresses and a pair of earrings.

And the cost? FREE! 

Boutique Night Haul - SelfBinding Retrospect by Alanna Rusnak

I was feeling pretty good about my haul and then I talked to a friend who hadn't gone and when I asked her why she replied that she didn't need any 'stuff'.  That made me feel a little selfish and guilty.

But then I paired my new jeans with my new scarf and I got over it.

Plus, I came away with the most adorable purse which I did pay for.  

The ladies had arranged for a booth selling 3 Cords products and I felt good paying my $41 towards that cause considering all the free swag I scored.

3 Cords purse, handmade in Haiti

Well done, Ladies Socials Team, well done!

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  1. oh Alanna, I would have been right there with you if I could have been! I love thrift deals too. I was sorry I missed the fun. But I did get my 3 Cords purse ;)

    1. I wish you had come! It really was so much silly fun! Glad you were still able to get a purse - aren't they fabulous?!

    2. I did want to be there, but sick kids and all.... And yes, I LOVE my new purse :)


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