The Wrong Way To Take Your Holidays

by - August 14, 2014

The Wrong Way To Take Your Holidays - SelfBinding Retrospect by Alanna Rusnak

Is it Friday yet?

This has been a grind of a week. I don't want to do anything. I can't focus. I'm exhausted. I feel like the world has hooked me up to The Machine, sucking me of all my sweetness and leaving a weary shell that flaps in the wind like a forlorn sock left on the clothes line in the pouring rain.

Sheesh! I need some sunshine!

A few things are guilty contributors to my current state of being:

1. It's flipping cold outside! I saw smoke coming out of chimneys on the drive home today. Indoor fires! In August! Gross!

2. Our car had to go back to the mechanics. Again. {Fortunately it turned out to be a minor fix which was a huge blessing but let's face it - vehicle ownership is overrated.}

3. I am addicted to jigsaw puzzles. And Shark Week. And I've been staying up too late each night this week indulging in these silly obsessions.

But the biggest reason of all...?

4. Split Holidays. {It's a real thing. I promise.}

And I didn't mean for it to happen, it just kind of worked out that way.

I believe it takes at least a week to truly disconnect from the real world and get to a point where you're actually relaxed and effectively separated from your work life.  And this year, because of the kid's camp schedule, the husband's work schedule, the scheduling of family camp, and the surprise prize of a 'free' trip to Vegas, I have had to separate my holidays over a couple months instead of taking them in one big, glorious, delicious chunk.

Shame on me!

I am not ungrateful. My week off in July was full of fun little day trips and time on the deck with a cup of tea and a great book.  My week at the beginning of August - our time at camp - was brilliantly calm and perfectly lovely.  Next week - our time in Vegas - promises to be full of thrills and firsts and naps - lots of naps!

It's the time in between that is killing me.
To come back after a week - just at that point where you've finally removed thoughts of work from your mind - it's so hard!  And then to know that in just one more week you'll be off again.  Goodness.  It's so hard to focus! I've been finding myself aimlessly floating around Facebook while I should be designing the newest bulletin banner with no idea how long I've been there or how I even got there in the first place!  If I can get through tomorrow and get everything checked off my list it will be a miracle!
The Wrong Way To Take Your Holidays - SelfBinding Retrospect by Alanna Rusnak 
Because this is how I've been feeling at work →
and that's no way to get a job done!

And then I get to jump on a plane and explore The City of Crazy!

And then I get to come back to work and - hopefully - finally - I'll be able to focus.  Because there's no way my mental state can handle another broken up week off right now.  I'll save my last week of holidays for the funk of winter.  

So please please, do yourself a favor and heed my advice - take your holidays in a big, glorious, delicious chunk if you can - your brain and your soul will thank you, I promise!  

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