Thrift Blitz Episode One

by - September 11, 2014

Thrift Blitz Episode One - SelfBinding Retrospect by Alanna RusnakI love to thrift.

I love to brag about what I find.

I'm basically the Christopher Columbus of thrifting. Only instead of finding the New World, I sail my braggart ship into the flea market and unearth raw awesomeness.

I have built for myself this digital stage upon which to lay my discoveries and so I present to you, dear reader, a new series. A series in which I brag about my latest treasures and in which you say to yourself, 'Gee whiz, I wish I found that first!' {To which I answer, "You snooze, you lose!" in the sweetest possible manner...}

Welcome to Thrift Blitz - what will hopefully be a monthly installment here at SelfBinding Retrospect. {And it's not all about me - you will be invited to participate through social media with the potential of being featured in the next Thrift Blitz post! Exciting? I thought so!}

Let's get started!

Thrift Blitz Episode One - SelfBinding Retrospect by Alanna Rusnak

1. Vintage Hovis Biscuit Tin {Value Village, $1.99}

Thrift Blitz Episode One: Vintage Hovis Tin - SelfBinding Retrospect by Alanna RusnakI have no explanation other than I loved the artwork on this piece. I loved it's rusty bits and the dent in the side and the way it smelled like an attic. I do not have a plan for it other than to look at it and marvel at it's vintage loveliness.

Thrift Blitz Episode One: Cardigan - SelfBinding Retrospect by Alanna Rusnak
2. Red Striped 'Keep Me Cozy' Cardigan {Value Village, $3.99}

My two most favorite sections to go digging while perusing the aisles of any thrift store are the dresses and the cardigans.  I do so love a great cardigan.  It's like a hug made out of cozy moments by a fire. I found this in the women's section but a male friend and co-worker has claimed it should I ever decide I've had enough of it. Over my dead body - that's how I feel about that. I suppose I'll have to write him into my will.

Thrift Blitz Episode One: Wooden Bracelet - SelfBinding Retrospect by Alanna Rusnak
3. 'Fit For A Hippie' Wooden Bracelet {Value Village, $0.99}

Because wearing a bit of the forest keeps us in touch with nature and let's face it, that's something we all need a little more of...

Not that wearing this gets me off the hook for taking the kids for a hike in the woods but it does make me feel a little closer to the lightning bug fairies that appear in the field on a clear night.

Thrift Blitz Episode One: Travel Bag - SelfBinding Retrospect by Alanna Rusnak 
4. The 'You Could Fit A Kitchen Sink In Here' Bag {Value Village, $9.99}

I have a real hate for paying this much for something used BUT I bought this bag because I needed a carry-on for our recent traveling adventure and it was big enough to hold my computer, two novels, all my makeup and jewelry, our camera, and one complete outfit. It's huge. It's like Mary Poppins' bag. I could pull a lamp out of it!

5. 'Orange Is The New Black' Occasional Chair {Hanover Flea Market, $5.00}

Thrift Blitz Episode One: Chair - SelfBinding Retrospect by Alanna Rusnak

Five dollars.  FIVE DOLLARS!  I didn't complain {very much} when hubby bought a set of golf clubs at the Keady Market earlier this summer, so he could hardly protest when we saw this beauty with a piece of scotch tape across the seat that said $5.  I'm not entirely happy with where I've placed it - actually, I'm considering taking it to work with me because it would look amazing in my office...or I'll save it for whenever I get that pipe dream of a guest room done...

Now it's your turn. What great finds have you made recently?  Share them in the comments, link up your post using the inlinkz tool below, or tweet it with the hashtag #ThriftBlitz {be sure to add @alannarusnak to your tweet to make sure I see it, or just use the button below}.

Happy thrifting!

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  1. Heidi EastmanSeptember 12, 2014

    I'm kind of jealous that you thrift enough to do this monthly.

    1. Everyone should have a hobby or two! And I would consider visiting the reuse trailer at the dump or rescuing abandoned treasures from a dumpster a thrifting expedition so I think you do it more than you realize ;)

  2. Does it count if you've been thrift-ing all along, but have been cramming it in your garage like a hoarder because you're so busy with your bees that you haven't had time to pay it the attention it needs? As in, I have a ton of furniture that is waiting to be refurbished in one way or another, but my garage has been taken over with the building of bee equipment! When I use the term "hoarder" - I do so with love! Unlike the way my husband used it when I made him help me unload a U-haul trailer full of bedroom furniture.

    1. Of course it counts! Just think of the great things you're going to have once you finally find the time to get them done. I like to think of myself as a 'collector' instead of a hoarder. I have no problem getting rid of things {unless they're pretty} but I do have a great love for useless things which could be a problem that gets out of hand at some point. I think, perhaps, your husband came without that gene that sees potential in another persons junk ;)


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