You Know You Want It {My Not-So-Serious-I'm-A-Serious-Writer Author Newsletter}

by - October 30, 2014

newsletter Did you know that I have a monthly newsletter??? 

At the beginning of every month you could get a FREE edition hot off the press and straight into your inbox! Not only do I cover the blog highlights of the month and celebrate my favorite readers but you'll get to peak inside my other writing pursuits and hear how that's going. 

Intrigued? I should hope so! I'm pretty interesting! {At least, I try to be!}

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  And one more thing...

Have you followed me on Bloglovin yet? If you're like me and follow a {ridiculous} number of different blogs, this is a great way to get them all together in an attractive reader. I'm pretty new to it but I am enjoying it's easy interface and clean design.

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