Making a Road Trip Binder

by - March 10, 2015

Road Tripping - a save your sanity series

Road Tripping {a save your sanity series} Part Two

I don't want to be mistaken for a crazy OCD lady {think Monica Geller on Friends} but I really do believe that careful planning results in great success.

In keeping with yesterday's focus on organization, today I bring you The Road Trip Binder.

There is a lot of paperwork to keep organized when you take off on a road trip - there are maps and hotel confirmations and addresses and insurance papers and passports {if you're crossing a border}. Plus there's the goodies you collect on the way: postcards and travel brochures and seashells and ticket stubs {if you're sentimental like I am}.

It's important to keep these things together so that when you need something, you know exactly where to look.

My binder consists of 6 things - all procured from my local dollar store.  In all, this cost me a whopping $12.00!  {Road Trip Binder, $12 - Peace of Mind, priceless!}

Making a road trip binder

1. A {pretty} 3-ring binder of your choice.

2. Dividers - mine are labeled with dates - one for each day we're on the road.  Within each section I'll include the necessary maps, addresses, coupons, etc we'll need on that date.

3. 3-hole notebook or paper - to jot down quick thoughts, journal entries for a Family Road Trip book to be put together after the trip, blog ideas, doodles...

4. Plastic sheet protectors - keep all your important papers that much more protected PLUS you can mark your route with a dry erase marker without actually marking your map.

5. Zippered pouches - one for passports and travel documents, one for markers and pens, one for little trinkets collected along the way.  The pouches I found were large enough to hold a full 8.5/11" page but they were not designed for use in a binder.  Happily, my three-hole-punch made short work of that and they now fit nicely in the back.

6. Dry erase marker - for making notes on the sheet protectors or dividers {I've marked each day with the predicted forecast for where we'll be at that time so I'll be better informed when I'm packing}

It seems so simple when you spell it out but I really believe something simple can make things so much easier!  This will tuck nicely between the seats - easy access for whenever we need to grab something from it.

Stay tuned all week as I share more of my brilliant Road Trip Tips {including What To Pack, my Smart Momma Snack Plan, and How To Plan}

Do you have any road trip advice?  I'd love to hear it!

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  1. I would be a little nervous leaving passports in a binder in the car. Passports are hot items for the black market and now that everyone knows where you are keeping them.........
    Better to carry them on your person. Just saying!

    1. Ha! You're so smart! Good advice - I'll make sure I don't leave the binder in the car whenever we stop somewhere - promise!


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