How To Pass The 'Friend' Test

by - June 15, 2015

underwood universal typewriter
When I arrived at the chili cook-out, I plopped down my chair and greeted my friends.

"I have something for you," she said mysteriously.  "We were garage saling and we saw it and we both knew - 'Alanna would LOVE this!' - we had to get it for you."

Naturally I was curious and thinking 'what in the world?' and that this was a test - not of me but of her...does she really know me??

I followed her to the driveway where she opened the hatch of her Kia.

And there sat a black case.

For a second I thought: sewing machine? which I thought: Bah - she doesn't know me at all!

But then I thought: typewriter?

And then I squealed, "Is it a typewriter???!!!"

We popped the top off the case and heaven opened up and glory shone down and a million angels sang hallelujah on my head.


A filthy old Underwood Universal that smelled dank and dirty like the shed at Grandma's old farm house.

I was beside myself with gratitude and offered to pay her for it but she waved me off like I was crazy.  "It was nothing," she said.  "It was only five bucks," she told me.  "We knew you had to have it."

The best gift is a reflection of its receiver.

I have dreamed of having a typewriter for oh, so long.  And to find one for $5? That's unheard of!  Every market I go to, every antique shop, even the aisles of The Salvation Army - I have been on the lookout for such a find.  And I have found them - for prices north of $50. {and let's be honest - the salary of a starving artist does not a typewriter dream realize}

Three Reasons I Wanted A Typewriter


1. Nostalgia.  I learned to type on a typewriter when I was nine or ten.  My father had a loud blue beast that tapped and dinged and I felt alive back then, sitting at it, writing short stories about dragons and orphans while those loud letter blasts echoed throughout the house.

2. Envy.  I have a writer friend who likes to type his first drafts on a typewriter and I find that wildly romantic and his process makes me mildly jealous.  I don't know that I have the patience to type a full manuscript but I would certainly use it for poetry and art - or simply for the inspirational soundtrack it produces or the images it conjures - for the black and whites of William Faulkner, poised at his desk with his pipe... 

3. Beauty.  They're gorgeous, sculptural pieces of history, representatives of great works of art {and elegant ladies with perfectly styled hair}.

I loaded the case into my car with plans to clean it up and get it working the next day.  

And goodness was it filthy.  I removed it from it's case and set it on the deck floor and scrubbed and rub-a-dubbed and q-tipped it until it shone.

underwood universal typewriter - cleaning

Oh Glory Be! Before me sat a beautiful dream! And with some clever finagling and restringing of the ribbon, I had myself a working typewriter.

underwood universal typewriter

And p.s. She totally passed the 'does she know me at all' friend test with flying colours, a gold star, and an A++

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  1. What a beauty! Wishing you many hours of sweet inspiration.

    (And there is no doubt she would pass the friend test ;) )


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