Thrift Blitz Episode Five ~ Special Graduation Edition

by - June 27, 2015

Thrift Blitz Episode Five Graduation Edition - SelfBinding Retrospect by Alanna Rusnak

I graduated from the eighth grade in 1993 and I can still remember the girls bragging about their fancy dresses - dresses that robbed their parents of amounts reaching well into the hundreds.  I don't remember what mine cost.  I do remember going with my mother to the fabric store and flipping through the heavy pattern books and choosing a material with a pretty flower design to compliment the dress we settled on.

Grade 8 Graduation - SelfBinding Retrospect by Alanna RusnakMy mother made my dress. Because she's Super Woman.  And because she didn't allow me to get sucked into the entitled mindset of a need-to-please teenage head.

I can remember girls bragging about getting their hair done. They left school early. Their parents forked over more cash.  My mother did my hair with a Topsy Tail {remember those?}. I remember being upset because it wasn't what I wanted {but then a boy gave me a corsage and I got over it}.

{ <--- Yes, I had permed bangs - it was the 90's, I need to be forgiven for a lot of choices I made back then...Pinned pants, anyone? Neon slouch socks?! And look how tiny I was. I look like I'm ten years old!!}

Graduation didn't cost us a fortune back then.

And it certainly shouldn't cost a fortune now.

When I declared we needed A Grad Outfit Plan, Zander said little more than, 'hmmmm'.  He is a boy with little regard for fashion. He would happily live his life wearing the same T-shirt, jeans, and hoodie every single day of his existence if he didn't have a mother nagging at him. We talked about getting him a suit but that really wouldn't be him and he's still growing so he'd never wear it again - it would essentially be pouring money down the drain.

Surely we could find something appropriate at Value Village!

Surely indeed!

He had very little opinion - except that there was no way in heaven he was going to wear suspenders {even though I begged and pleaded and but you don't even know how incredibly happy that would make me...}

We settled on a simple button-down dress shirt {$7.99}, slim fit dress pants {$9.99}, and a silk tie {$8.99}.

That was it. Our entire cost. Everything else, he already had.

Thrift Blitz Episode Five Graduation Edition - SelfBinding Retrospect by Alanna Rusnak

~ The belt was one we already had - found in the back of a closet and made to fit him by creating a new hole with a drywall screw {oh yeah - we do fancy real good in the Rusnak home!}

~ The shoes belonged to his Grandpa GiGi and it was a special nod to his memory that they were worn for such an important night.

~ The fedora has become his signature piece. He doesn't leave home without it and it was only appropriate that he add it as the finishing touch to his outfit.

Looking sharp doesn't have to cost a fortune - especially when it comes to kids who are going to keep on growing.

I will tell the tale of the graduation in another post soon {because I have much momma-bragging to do} but first, you have to see these ADORABLE shoes Michelle from Simple Bounty shared during ThriftBlitz Episode Four:'t they precious? And I've seen first hand how great they look on! I'm a little bit jealous of her find - they have a real retro vibe but they're also timeless.

Shoes are a wonderful thing to seek out when you're thrifting - I seriously can't believe how much you can save if you can get over the thought that someone else's feet were in there before yours! 

{If you have a few extra minutes, read Michelle's latest post about inadequacy - it's good stuff!!!} 

*graduation photographs by my lovely sister-in-law, Stephanie Rusnak

Now it's your turn. What great finds have you made recently?  Have you ever chosen a thrifted treasure over a boutique shop expense when it came to a special occasion? Share your fancies in the comments, link up your post using the inlinkz tool below, or tweet it with the hashtag #ThriftBlitz {be sure to add @alannarusnak to your tweet to make sure I see it, or just use the button below}.

Happy thrifting!

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  1. You were so cute! The bangs must be forgiven simply because it was the 90's after all ;)

    Looking back with mother's eyes, I would imagine your dress and all it represents of your mom's love for you makes it even more special. That is something no amount of money could have.

    1. Baha! I was so proud of those bangs!!! And I did love that dress...I wish I'd held onto it - I don't imagine Noa would ever wear it but still...

  2. I love the 90's look! Why we did the things we did...I'll never know! Yes, I do remember NEON EVERYTHING! Love your posts. Reading, but not commenting. I've been in a black hole of too much rain, too many things to do, and too little time! I'm digging my way out now, but it's also time for honey harvest! No blogging. No thrifting. I haven't even finished my piece from the last episode. I'm overwhelmed and worn out, but I'm not giving up yet!

    1. Good grief - I've missed you!!!! So great to hear 'your voice' again ;) I've thought of you often - especially while enjoying the last little bit of my CrossRoadFarm honey (delicious, by the way!!!) Looking forward to the moment you've dug yourself out and I can spy on snippets of your crazy life again!

    2. Yes. I'm alive. I was wondering how you liked the honey. Any favorites over the three of them? I'm working on the next crop. Hope to be back online soon.

    3. I'm definitely a sucker for a milder flavor - though the darker one worked really well for a honey baked curry chicken recipe I have :)


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