9 Signs You Live With A Writer

by - October 29, 2015

Nine signs you live with a writer #write31days

Writer's are weird. I'm sure living with one is also an intense exercise into weirdness. We're sorry. We're just wired this way...

9 Signs You Live With A Writer

1. At least one zone in your home has been completely overtaken with notebooks, manuscript drafts, and sticky notes attached to the wall. Whether it's a whole room or just a corner it will probably be the cleanest part of the house because that's where your writer makes her heart spill and she refuses to do it in a mess. {I don't necessarily mean neat and tidy - piles of paper and writing tools, remember? - I mean clean so as not to distract...so as to instill a sense of creative peace...}

2. Things like dishes and laundry are being ignored. They're not important less pressing than whether or not that favourite character actually has to be killed off.

3. Books. There are books everywhere. On the shelves, on the table, by the bed, in the kitchen, beside the toilet...they're everywhere. And like a nest of pretty bunnies they keep on multiplying.

4. You're cautious about what you say and do because you fear, perhaps, something might end up in a story. {Watch out! Because it will! You won't know when and you won't know how but it will!}

5. Your lover is calling out other names in their sleep. {Babe, I promise...Samuel is only a character in my book! Yes, he's sexy but NO, he's not real!!!}

6. You're left staring at the Netflix logo while she finishes up her daily pages. "Just five more minutes," never means just five more minutes and even though you really wish her well in her pursuits, you also really want to watch the next episode of Homeland.

7. The quality of meals will go downhill while the frequency of pizza night will increase dramatically.

8. There is a constant supply of caffeine - which is actually good for you to keep you awake while you wait to watch your shows together - but it also means a collection of mugs may amass by the sink until there's no mug left for you.

9. There is chocolate {or some other favourite treat} hidden somewhere and you know you'll be in trouble if you find it and help yourself BUT you just can't resist looking EVEN THOUGH YOU KNOW SHE NEEDS IT!


How To Be A Good Writer's Roommate:




Ask questions.

Read their work.

Be honest.

Don't steal their chocolate.

Help with the laundry.

{Do at least half of these and you're basically guaranteed a mention on the dedication page of the next best seller!}

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  1. Oh I could add to that list of things you should do...feed some animals, muck some stalls, wash those cups and put the teapot on to boil, order that pizza, play with the dog, vacuum up some dog hair, and don't wait up!


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