October 26, 2015

It Begins With A Glimmer

NaNoWriMo begins in a little over five days and I've only just sat down to really put some thought into what I'm going to write. Black Bird is a project that was started with passionate priority; but, with no real incentive to carry it forward, I quickly lost the drive to pursue it.

Well, no more!

I have a mess of notebooks and hastily scribbled scenes, chronicling a story I'm trusting NaNo will pull out of me.

Tonight, as I sat around the table with my Writer's Jam friends, I began the work of setting up my Scrivener template so I'm ready to dive in at the 12:01 dawning of November, 2015.

I'm excited to see this story come alive. A whole year of my life has been spent in the world of fifteen year old Joseph Carver and I'm ready to break away from him (as his story is handed off to beta readers for a first round of feedback and fix-it notes) and dive into a whole new experience.

As I said on the main page for Black Bird:

the idea...came in a dream; an image of a dead dandelion weed reflecting its shadow against a closed garage door. From there it blossomed and spread - as weeds tend to do - and took on the form of a story; the tale of a lost girl, her lost mother, and their quest to find one another in their own brokenness.

Just a glimmer but it was enough to get this writer's thoughts brewing.

Hurry up November! I've got a story to tell!
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