The Quest For The Perfect Notebook {and the importance therein}

by - October 7, 2015

the quest for the perfect notebook #write31days

Perhaps it's a disease, this magnetic pull that draws me like a fish to a flashy lure, this tug that inevitably brings me to the notebook aisle, this depth of need that has me flipping pages and touching covers like a lover. The pretty colours. The varying textures. Lined or blank. Letter-sized or pocket-sized.

I want them all. I want all the notebooks. I want stacks of them. I want the full shelves of composition books that Morgan Freeman reads from in Se7en {without the chaos and bloodshed, of course}. I want the yellow one and I want the red one and I want to pile them on one another so they can make an orange baby.

I want them all.

Because ideas are like trolls. They can attack at any minute. 
And as all good Boy Scouts say, "ALWAYS BE PREPARED!"  


jack london notebook quote

I want a notebook in my bedroom and a notebook in my bathroom and a notebook in my car and a notebook in my dreams.

I want them all.

I want leather-bound. I want mole-skin. I want paper-back. I want whatever one F. Scott Fitzgerald didn't finish filling up before he died.

Notebooks are the lifeblood of any project.
They are where ideas go to percolate.
They are the pages on which you don't care what anyone thinks. They are you
- raw and wild and fearless -
and from them the most beautiful artistry may be birthed.
They are the center of your creation.
They are Eden.

There is no perfect notebook because they're all perfect.

And their contents? Well, you'll just have to wait and see, won't you... {click the image above to see all the #write31days posts}

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  1. I long for a Midori Taveller's Notebook style of soft, pliable leather that inspires with the mere touching of something so beautiful. Unfortunately I'm not willing to spend that much on a notebook.:( But, on, the dreams that could be captured in one....

  2. Now I want to fill every notebook I got for my birthday!

    1. And you should! May your mind be brimming with inspiration and your pages overflowing with beautiful words :)

  3. Please don't judge me. I totally understand the Love of Notebooks! I love them as well! I love them, and I buy them...then, I don't use them. *gasp* If you were here, I'd give them to you.

    I have really mastered the art of using an electronic notebook. Last year, I bought a new phone. Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It has a cute little pen. I use it all the time. I have about 15 notebooks right now. All sorts of info. Future blog posts. Animal Lists. Bee Lists. To-Do Lists. Home remodel lists. I just finally realized...I never leave home without my phone.

    1. No judgement AT ALL!! If electronic works for you, I say more power to you! Everyone has their own process, right?!

      And if I was there, I'd happily take your unused notebooks off your know, just helping out a friend :)


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