October 28, 2015

Why You Shouldn't Be A Hermit {but should be able to say no without feeling guilty}

why you shouldn't be a hermit but you should be able to say no without feeling guilty - #write31days

Silence is golden. Solitude is pristine. Loneliness is soul-sucking ugliness.

There is nothing beautiful about loneliness.

But the strange thing is, sometimes we mistake our loneliness for the glories of personal space and we end up missing a whole lot of living.

Life is not meant to be shut up in your quiet, peaceful hole. {A quiet, peaceful hole is lovely - as long as you come out for fresh air every once in a while.} Stories are informed by real life experiences and you don't gain those by always hiding yourself away.

I am quiet by nature. I am slow to warm to new experiences and I'm horrified by the idea of having to have a conversation with a stranger who is basing their whole opinion on me on how I behave in that moment.


Give me my solitary Monday's!

And yet...there's something so beautiful and freeing about leaving the house and settling into the booth of your favourite coffee shop...still alone...but not...

Writer's, you've got to get out amoung the three-dimensional humans! You have to people-watch. You have to eavesdrop on conversations. You have to chase your story into uncomfortable places in order to tell it from a place of whole honesty. And sometimes you have to leave the writing at home and just be one of the girls {or boys}.

Don't forget to live!

But never think living means giving up on your passion!

Build real friendships with people who support your dreams and keep pushing you towards them.
Build real friendships with people who can laugh and cry with you.
 Build real friendships with people who make things better just by being in their presence.

And build real friendships with people who understand when you say no
- who respect your needs
- who don't make you feel guilty for chasing after your heart.

You have every right to pursue what feeds your soul. Celebrate your boundaries and celebrate the friends who respect them.

Maybe you'll say yes to lunch but no to coffee.

Maybe you'll say no to the Taylor Swift concert but yes to the corn maze.

Your writing time is precious. Honour it without dishonouring your friends. Real friends will take your regrets with grace - as long as you make them a priority sometimes too.

Thanks real friends! You make this journey easier.

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  1. You said no to a Taylor Swift concert in this day and age?! You psycho! Those things sell out in minutes!

    1. Ha! No - that was just an example...but I probably would say no to that one anyway - not exactly the kind of thing I'd drop everything for. Now, Bon Jovi...that's a whole other ball of wax ;)


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