A Writer's Jam Epiphany

by - November 10, 2015

I've been feeling okay about this Black Bird project. I'm not over the moon or anything but sitting at the Writer's Jam table last night I got a hot rush of inspiration and things are looking up!

Yesterday, being my day off (!) I set myself a goal of 2,000 words but I easily surpassed that, leaving me feeling quite accomplished. BUT, the thing is...so far the story has come relatively easy because I've known it. Soon I will enter a new territory - I will have written all I know and I'll switch from being a 'planner' to a 'pantser' in which I'm sure the words won't come as easy.

HOWEVER, as I sat at the Writer's Jam table during a particularly quiet meeting, I had this shocking idea:

Because seriously...what if???

What could that mean for my story?

I'm crazy excited by the possibilities:
  • recurring characters
  • businesses
  • the map of the town/surrounding areas

Gah! The possibilities have practically got me jumping!

Of course, this means a few little hints and glimpses of Black Bird need to be weaved into The Church In The Wildwood but that doesn't sound like work--that sounds like the mischievous fun of hiding easter eggs!

And, since I got totally excited about this idea and am already way above the necessary NaNoWriMo word count needed at this point, I started writing a companion novella to The Church In The Wildwood in which I envision both timelines colliding in a rather lovely and organic way.

the ghost of iris carver cover art - first inspiration
The Ghost of Iris Carver is going to bring poor, sweet Bird together with the darling, scattered Iris in a way that informs both stories quite tenderly.

At least that is my hope.

And of course I had to go ahead and create some cover art. It helps ground me into the story somehow.

Plus...isn't it pretty???!?

Black Bird is definitely still my main focus - I promise - but I also hope I can stay way ahead on my word count, maybe finish early and then take on the ghost of Iris while I let Bird roost for a while.

Because seriously, of all the character's in The Church In The Wildwood, Iris has grabbed onto my heart and is not letting go!

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