All I Want To Do Is Work On TCITW

by - November 23, 2015

I was an absolute fool to think tackling NaNoWriMo this year was a good plan.  

It's a brilliant idea - don't get me wrong - it does incredible things by way of forcing words and helping me 'find the story' BUT my heart is so deep in The Church In The Wildwood, I haven't been giving Black Bird a fair shake.

Yes, I'm killing my word count - I am making it happen - but it's not with the same passion I dove into the Wildwood story last November and this makes me rather sad and resentful.

My manuscript has already been returned by two beta readers and there are a million crazy-helpful notes that I am desperate to turn my attention to BUT that beast we call NaNoWriMo is stealing all my creative time and because I refuse to fail the challenge I can't return to Wildwood work until November is behind me.


Someone needs to needlepoint me a pillow that says 'One Project At A Time, Dummy!'

And, as if all this isn't enough, I had a light bulb Black Bird epiphany moment in which I realized I have to write a companion novella for Wildwood that will marry both books in a beautifully seamless, organic (and bloody brilliant) manner.


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